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Continuing Anglicans come together as APA and TAC Sign Communion agreement

Archbishop Shane Janzen (left) and Presiding Bishop Chandler Jones (right) celebrate the concordat between the TAC and APA. 

The Anglican Province of America (APA) and the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC) announced an official concordat which establishes full sacramental communion between the jurisdictions. The concordat was signed by Archbishop Shane Janzen of the TAC and Presiding Bishop Chandler Jones of the APA at a Solemn Pontifical Mass held on Easter V, May 22, at St. Barnabas’ (APA), Dunwoody, Georgia, USA.

The agreement, said Archbishop Janzen, is “a further step in the larger reconciliation and reunification of the various Continuing Anglican jurisdictions coming out of The Affirmation of St. Louis in 1977.” 

“The APA-TAC communion is not intended in any way to be unilateral,” said Presiding Bishop Jones, “but just the opposite: a way by which the whole of the G3 can in time re-establish a relationship with the TAC. Our purpose is precisely to widen and enhance the relationship between the G3 and TAC in such a manner that would enable fruitful dialogue, communication, and cooperation to increase and assist in promoting a full sacramental communion for the entire Continuing Church.”


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