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New Bishop for the Diocese of Mindanao shares his vision for the future

Bishop-elect Jun Paul Canillo (right) of the Diocese of Mindanao, with his friend Bishop John Ndegwa of the Diocese of Kenya at the G-3 Joint Synods

Father Jun Paul Canillo was elected Bishop of the Diocese Mindanao at the G-3 Joint Synods. He shared the following thoughts with the editors of the Trinitarian:


My home, is a testa­ment to God’s artistry. But the true gem of Mindanao isn’t just its landscapes; it’s the vibrant tapestry of cultures that grace its shores. Our diocese is a harmonious convergence of various tradi­tions and backgrounds, echoing the core values of the An­glican Catholic Church — unity in diversity. We celebrate the rich heritage of our people, knowing that within these differences, we find unity in faith and purpose.


The new Diocese of Mindanao presently boasts 13 ordained deacons and 7 priests who tirelessly carry out the work of the Lord. We are blessed to have 28 parishes where the faithful gather, and our diocese thrives with over 5000 active members. As we embrace God’s mission, we acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Yet, in every challenge, we see an opportunity for growth and learning. In the same spirit, we see this opportunity for partnership with other dio­ceses.


My vision for the new Diocese of Mindanao is a future where faith thrives, where the light of Christ shines brightly, not just within our diocese but beyond, touching souls far and wide.I extend this heartfelt invitation to each of you. Join me, join us, and join the new Diocese of Mindanao in this divine journey. This is not merely an invitation; it’s a chal­lenge.


Be part of something profoundly beau­tiful, a mission that defies the boundaries of geography and culture, that transcends the limitations of ordinary human existence. Your help isn’t just welcomed; it is an absolute necessity. The mission success of the Diocese of Mindanao depends on your active participation. Together, let us dare to embrace God’s mission as one unified body, working harmoniously to spread His love and teachings to the farthest reaches of the earth. May our collective efforts resound with the eternal truths of the Gospel and shine as an irrefutable testament to His divine grace.

May God bless us all!


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