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G-3 and PNCC Continue Ecumenical Dialogue

Participants (L-R): Bishop Paul Sobiechowski, Father Soltt Lill, Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky, Canon Christian Tutor, Bishop Brian Marsh, Father Senior Robert Nemkovich Jr., Bishop Hendy Webb, Canon Jonathan Foggin, Bishop Chandler Jones, Bishop John Mack, Bishop William Bower, Archbishop Mark Haverland, and Bishop Paul Hewett.

On October 5th and 6th, 2021, the G-3/PNCC Ecumenical Dialogue Group met at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Manchester, New Hampshire. Updates were given by the various churches and the Union of Scranton about recent events within their respective communions and to how they are now moving forward considering the ongoing Covid situation.  The dialogue also discussed various issues and ways the Churches can continue to grow closer together and achieve the unity that our Lord prayed for His Catholic Church.  Prime Bishop Mikovsky celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of Mass during the meeting.  Thanks to Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Eastern Diocese of the PNCC for their hospitality in hosting this meeting.  The next meeting of the G3/PNCC Ecumenical Dialogue will take place in February of 2022 to be hosted by the G3 Churches.