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Archbishop Haverland visits Colombia for Diocese of New Granada synod

During the visitation, Archbishop Haverland (right) and Bishop Orrego-Hurtado (left) met with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manizales, José Miguel Gómez Rodríguez (center).

Archbishop Mark Haverland travelled to Colombia this month for his triennial visitation to the Diocese of New Granada. Highlights of the visit included a meeting with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manizales, attending the ACC diocesan synod, and visiting parishes and missions in the districts around Armenia and Periera with Bishop German Orrego-Hurtado. 


Archbishop Haverland reports that he is  pleased and impressed with the work being done in Colombia and Venezuela:  "It was lovely to see notable progress in the diocese since my last visit prior to Coronatide.  There are new buildings and new clergy, and a good group of men preparing for ordination, as well as new humanitarian ministries." 


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