Provincial Departments


The College of Bishops is responsible for overseeing Administrative Departments, each headed by a bishop and charged with a specific mission within the Church.  There are currently seven such Departments in the Original Province.

The Department of Ecumenical Relations (The Most Reverend Mark Haverland)

The Department of Ecumenical Relations is responsible for promoting ecumenical dialog with other religious groups and exploring opportunities for cooperation in areas of common interest.  This department is also responsible for crafting policy on the validation of orders, particularly in relation to other Anglican bodies.

The Department of Ministry (The Right Reverend Damien Mead)

The Department of the Ministry is responsible for the development of ministerial resources and the encouragement of vocations to the Sacred Ministry; the means and methods for meeting the canonical requirements for Holy Orders; the role and requirements of a Permanent or Perpetual Diaconate; the role and requirements, as well as encouragement, of late or mature vocations to the Sacred Ministry; the role, training, specific qualifications, and encouragement of vocations to the lay ministries of the Church, especially the respective Offices of Deaconess, Lay Reader, and Lay Worker of the Church; and the development of guidelines related to voluntary associations of a ministerial or quasi-ministerial nature which desire official status in the Original Province (Confraternities, Lay Associations, Brotherhoods, and the like).

The Department of Theological Education (The Right Reverend Presley Hutchens)

The Department of Theological Education is responsible for the provision and funding of theological education within the Province, as well as the awarding of scholarships and other incentives to support and promote vocations to the Priesthood.

The Department of the Armed Forces (The Right Reverend Donald Lerow)

The Department of The Armed Forces is charged with the responsibility of encouraging vocations to serve this Church in its mission to members of the Armed Services; developing the means and methods for additional instruction and training of Clergy and Laity serving in the Armed Services; and encouraging Parishes and Dioceses to seek ways to support the mission of this Church to members of the Armed Services.

The Department of Evangelism (The Right Reverend Presley Hutchens)

The Department of Evangelism is responsible for instructing and encouraging members of the Church to act upon their duty to be heralds of the Good News and to build up the Kingdom of God.  To assist such ends, the Department of Evangelism is charged with reviewing, studying, and recommending to the College of Bishops, policies and programs dealing with the means and methods of bringing people into the Church, and promoting the personal spiritual growth and renewal necessary to make disciples of those whom we evangelise.  It is also intended that this Department serve as a source of information on evangelistic activities within the Anglican Catholic Church.

The Department of Stewardship (The Right Reverend Edward La Cour)

The mission of the Department of Stewardship is to advise the College of Bishops in financial matters, particularly in relation to such areas as insurance and pensions.  It is also charged with oversight of the accounts held or controlled by the Province through its civil corporation, and in this respect acts as an internal auditor for the Province.

The Department of Multi-Lingual Resources (The Right Reverend Rommie Starks)

The Department of Multi-Lingual resources is responsible for preparing and providing resources in  appropriate languages to support the evangelical and missionary efforts of the Church within Dioceses and other Jurisdictions of the Province that are directed toward populations whose language is other than English.

For further information on these Departments and their roles within the Church, contact The Reverend Jonathan Foggin, Clerk of the College of Bishops.