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G-4 Anglican Partners Emphasize Mission and Renewal
(February 10,2020)


One of the major themes of the G-4 Joint Synods in Atlanta was the need for mission and renewal within the Continuing Church 

Following on a keynote address by the ACC Bishop Stephen Scarlett, concrete steps were taken as a task force for mission, evangelism and renewal, met on January 14th. 

Dubbed Continuing Forward, the organization is led by Bishop Paul Hewett of the Diocese of the Holy Cross.  The other G-4 churches are represented by Bishop Bill Perkins (APA), Father Matt Mirable (ACA) and Mr. Joel West (ACC).

At the January meetings, clergy and laity from the four jurisdictions discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by the leaders of new or smaller Continuing Anglican parishes. All expressed interest in pooling resources and working cooperatively to plant new churches and improve the health of existing churches.

The task force will follow up on the suggestions from the meeting to prioritize activities for the coming year. Anyone who is interested in getting involved, or just knowing more, is encouraged to email Joel West   jwest@thedht.com.

For more on the joint synods, along with news from the churches of the G-4, see the next issue of The Trinitarian.    


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