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Archbishop Haverland issues Advent Appeal for Missions
(December 04,2017)


Dear Friends in Christ,
This year has been fairly good for the Saint Paul Missionary Society.  We managed to fund our monthly budget every month thanks to your generous donations, and in addition were happy to forward substantial designated gifts to missions and humanitarian ministries of the Anglican Catholic Church throughout the world. 
The SPMS budget supports in a very modest way clergy, especially country leaders, in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.  We have helped build medical clinics in Congo and Cameroon, operate an orphanage and school in rural Haiti, dig wells and distribute food and medicines in South Sudan, provide funds for clergy in Pakistan, send care packages to desperate clergy and parishioners in Venezuela, and assist as we are able in Rwanda, Kenya, Colombia, South Africa, and the Philippines.  In a year of severe hurricanes in the United States we also were able to send significant assistance to parishes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.
In many places our clergy work in very dangerous circumstances, due to war, endemic violence, Islamic extremism, and the general insecurity posed by poverty and overwhelming human need.  We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but the impact for good of our small Church is far greater than our size.
We have no endowment, receive no regular funding from the Anglican Catholic Church as such, and depend entirely on your generous gifts.  Please continue to give.  If you are able, regular gifts are particularly helpful for our planning purposes.  Your undesignated gifts, which we use for our budget, are particularly welcome, but we also are glad for gifts directed by you for particular countries or projects.
The SPMS is a lean organization, operating thanks to volunteers with very little overhead.  We know personally the clergy to whom your money is sent, and we have periodic visits to see the use they make of our assistance.  You can see many of the places involved in the pages of The TRINITARIAN and on the ACC website.  

If you would like to make an online donation, please click here to find out how.
I pray you will have a fruitful Advent and a blessed Christmastide.  May God bless you and yours for all your generosity,
+Mark Haverland
(The Most Reverend) Mark Haverland


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