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"Sacramentalists" Podcast Highlights Anglican Catholic Identity

The Sacramentalists podcast, run by Fathers Wesley Walker, Myles Hixon, and Creighton McElveen has become a top source of Anglo-Catholic content online.

The Sacramentalists is a podcast that was started by Fathers Wesley Walker and Myles Hixon in 2019. Now running to more than 70 episodes, the podcast's combination of interviews and reflections has made it one of the top sources of Anglo-Catholic content online. 


The first episodes were essentially a catechism on Anglican identity, dealing with things like the Sacraments and Apostolic Succession. Later episodes dealt with with Anglo-Catholic piety and devotion, Catholic social teaching, “tough topics,” important books, and cultural engagement. With the addition of Father Creighton McElveen in 2022, expanded further, dealing with topics like The Book of Tobit, Baptismal Identity, Anglican Formularies, E.B. Pusey and Monasticism, and David Bentley Hart. 


The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and most recently YouTube.