The Military Ordinariate

Chaplain Brian Waite Chaplain Brian Waite (USN), serves the religious needs of US troops the field.

The Chaplain Corps:  Serving Those Who Serve

The Military Ordinariate is the division of the Anglican Catholic Church that oversees chaplains in the armed forces.  While there are ACC clergy serving in the armed forces of various countries throughout the world, at present only the United States has a large enough contingent to merit a Military Prelate, The Right Reverend Donald Lerow (Capt. USN).  Under Bishop Lerow's guidance, ACC clergy serve as all four branches of the nation's armed forces (the Marines being served by chaplains from the Navy).

The purpose Military Chaplains has historically been to offer pastoral care to members of the armed forces, as well as to advise their commanding officers on questions of ethics and morality.  While chaplains have been an integral part of the armed forces of Western nations for centuries, the Chaplains Corps came to prominence in the twentieth century, where such examples as that of "The Four Chaplains" in the Second World War, inspired the nation with their selfless acts of valor.  Today, Anglican chaplains are deployed across the world, with many serving in combat zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

While ACC chaplains are trained in Anglican theology and modes of worship, priests and deacons serving under Military Orders are charged with the cure all souls within their jurisdiction, so a familiarity with other traditions is essential to their work.  In addition to serving in the field, ACC chaplains also staff  hospitals, counseling centers, and military bases.  Some, particularly reservists, serve civilian parishes as well.

Members of the armed forces who wish to speak to an ACC Chaplain should contact Bishop Lerow for information on clergy stationed nearby.

Becoming a Chaplain

The ACC welcomes men who are interested in the chaplaincy. Information on the service requirements for the various branches can be found at the links below. 

US Army Chaplains
US Navy Chaplains
US Air Force Chaplains

Chaplains or service members who are interested in learning more about the ACC, are encouraged to contact the Military Prelate, Bishop Donald Lerow.