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Speaking logoSpeaking Anglican, like speaking French, implies two people, chatting a bit, and in order to join the conversation one must know the language.  So the programs at Speaking Anglican are designed to bring you into a conversation about the Anglican Faith, and to introduce you to the symbols and terms that comprise the ‘lingo’ of Anglicanism. 

We also delve into a bit of Church History to inform your faith and strengthen you to “do all such good works as God has prepared for you to walk in” (1928 Book of Common Prayer, pg. 83 and Ephesians 2:10).  Topics range from the order, purpose, and symbolism of things like candles and incense, to the seasons of the Christian Year, to interviews with individual Anglicans about their lives and their faith.

You can listen to "Speaking Anglican" online, or by subscribing to the audio podcast.  With this free subscription, you'll get updates on all our programs via email.  You can expect a new podcast episode every other Friday (except during Holy Seasons–we’re good Anglicans after all).

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