Southern Africa

Visitation in the Eastern Cape Bishop Kenyon-Hoare visits
the orphanage in Paarl

Southern Africa

In recent years the nation of South Africa has been the scene the scene of some of the most significant growth in the ACC.  As recently as January, 2012 Bishop Alan Kenyon-Hoare conditionally ordained ten new clergy and received some five hundred laymen into the ACC.  With his counterpart in the Diocese of the Eastern Cape, Bishop Solomzi Mentjies, doing much the same, this pattern is likely to continue. 

With growth, however, come increased needs.  In Bishop Kenyon-Hoare's diocese, clergy like Father Mabaso in Soweto need funds to finish off his clinic, where counseling for AIDS, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse are held regularly.  At St. Michael & All Angels, Qwa Qwa, Father Mpheshia is trying to raise money for land on which to build a church. And in Cape Town Father Williams continues to run his Feeding of the Poor program, but needs a new truck.  The diocese also supports an orphanage in the town of Paarl known as The Little Children of Mary, where twenty-five infants and toddlers, plus about a dozen older children find care.

In the Eastern Cape, Bishop Mentjies continues to run the Ethiopian Refugees Project--a program designed to provide members of his diocese with basic computer literacy skills and so help them secure better jobs.  Father Mienandi, runs the Mission of St. Raphael for French speaking refugees, and there are many of these in war torn Central Africa.  And Father Mntundini has five missions scattered around the Eastern Cape, all of which are in dire need of assistance.

With strong leadership and fervent witness, there is great potential for the ACC in the Republic of South Africa.  To find out more about the MSSP and its in this area, contact its director, The Reverend Stephen Scarlett

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