The Office of the Archbishop

Role of the Archbishop

The Archbishops serve as spiritual and administrative leaders of the Anglican Catholic Church.  Elected by the the bishops of each Province from among their number, the Archbishop serves as "Bishop of the Bishops."  As such, he is responsible for overseeing all ecclesiastical matters within his Province, and has and the obligation, as Chief Pastor, to visit and minister to the bishops and dioceses within his jurisdiction. 

The Archbishop, along with his College of Bishops, is also responsible for shaping church policy, both toward other religious bodies and institutions of the secular world.  Thus Archepiscopal Office of each Province is the point of contact for any who desire formal statements on policies or procedures which affect the Church as a whole.  Those interested in beginning ecumenical dialog are also encouraged to contact the Archbishop through the appropriate representative, designated below.

Pro-Cathedral of St. Stephen St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral
and Provincial Offices

The Original Province: 

The Offices of the Original Province are located at the Pro-Cathedral of St. Stephen's in Athens, GA. 

To set up an appointment with Archbishop Haverland, please email his assistant, The Reverend Jonathan Foggin, or call the office weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm EST. 

Office of the Archbishop
Original Province of the ACC
800 Timothy Road
Athens, GA 30606, USA
Phone: (706) 546-6910


St. Mary's, Narowal St. Mary's Church
and Provincial Offices

The Province of South Asia

The Offices of the Second Province are located at the on the campus of St. Mary's Church, Narowal, Lahore, Pakistan. 

To arrange an appointment with the Acting Metropolitan, Bishop Andrew, please contact the his secretary during regular office hours, Pakistan Standard Time (GMT + 5:00).

Office of the Acting Metropolitan (Province of South Asia)
St. Mary's Church
Mohala Bijli Ghar
Narowal,Pakistan 51600
Phone: +92+542+615640