Bishops encourage the faithful to remember ACC Mission Society in year-end giving

December 26, 2014 by Jonathan Foggin

Archbishop Haverland and Blondith

Earlier this month, the Provincial Office authorized an end of year fund drive for the Missionary Society of St. Paul.  The Society, which is currently working in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America, uses income from donations to support orphanages, schools, water projects, clinics, and other areas of Christian ministry. 

In making this appeal, Archbishop Haverland writes:

In late August I saw the fruit of the MSSP's labors in a very small, very important, and very compelling way.  I held a baby who had recently been abandoned at the gates of our parish orphaniage in the village of Tapio, Haiti.  That little girl was immediately adopted by the other children--themselves orphans--and will receive the love, shelter, food, medical care, and education that in a better world, all children would enjoy.

In addition to its own direct works, the MSSP cooperates with similar ACC appeals in Canada and Australia, and with other religious and humanitarian organizations.  Thanks to funds from the MSSP

Wherever a site may be, the MSSP encourages projects that are self-sustaining or that involve the aquisition of land or buildings as a one-time expense, which will provide the tools local folk need to empower and sustain their ministries.

To donate, please send a check (made out to MSSP) to

The Provincial Office, ACC
PO Box 5223
Athens, GA

or click here to use a credit card via a secure server.  All donations are tax deductible in the United States.