Mbekweni orphanage needs room for growth


by John Omwake, editor of The TrinitarianBavumeleni Khaya, the ACC-sponsored orphanage/safe house in the Republic of South Africa, is experiencing growing pains. The number of children at its facility in Mbekweni Township outside the Western Cape city of Paarl, has risen to 38. Add the carers to...

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Archbishop Haverland encourages church members to "keep Lent aright"


‘Lent’ is derived from the Germanic word for ‘spring’ through Anglo Saxon.  ‘Lenz’ is still the word for spring in modern German.  ‘Lent’ also is related to the English words ‘length’ and ‘lengthen’. ...

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The ACC adds new parishes in Cameroon


David Mariott, Contributor. Story courtesy of The Trinitarian The ACC has been on the ground in Cameroon only since 2010, but over the past six years, it has continued to grow.  There are now eleven separate parishes in the country, with another four or five pending. They are located in...

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Violence in Haiti causes postponement of episcopal visitation


The ACC in Haiti will have to wait for its 2016 episcopal visitation.  Though Archbishop Haverland was originally scheduled to visit the country from January 22-26, sources recommended that he postpone the trip, only hours before the flight was to leave the ground.  The...

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ACC Diocese of Southern Africa elects new Bishop


by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian It took the Anglican Diocese of Southern Africa one ballot to elect the Right Reverend Dominic Sonwabo Mdunyelwa as the second Bishop Ordinary of the diocese.  Bishop Mdunyelwa, who has been Episcopal Visitor to the diocese, succeeds the Right...

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