Health Crisis Grips Aweil


by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian A growing health crisis threatens to overwhelm the ACC’s Diocese of Aweil in the northwest corner of strife-torn South Sudan, the world’s newest nation and one of its poorest. “In 2014, in one village in East Aweil County, more than...

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Going on 98--and still going...


by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian There are have been many interesting people in the ACC. One of its living treasures is in Australia--the Reverend Tom Silverwood. He is a man of many talents, and though long retired from active parish ministry, at 97 years of age (and looking forward...

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Virginia parish assists Church in Kenya


by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian When the Diocese of Kenya decided to erect a building in the Nairobi suburb of Kayole for the Church of the Resurrection there, a wealthy donor in Australia agreed to fund the project. But the donor died in 2015, leaving the four-story...

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Mbekweni orphanage needs room for growth


by John Omwake, editor of The TrinitarianBavumeleni Khaya, the ACC-sponsored orphanage/safe house in the Republic of South Africa, is experiencing growing pains. The number of children at its facility in Mbekweni Township outside the Western Cape city of Paarl, has risen to 38. Add the carers to...

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Archbishop Haverland encourages church members to "keep Lent aright"


‘Lent’ is derived from the Germanic word for ‘spring’ through Anglo Saxon.  ‘Lenz’ is still the word for spring in modern German.  ‘Lent’ also is related to the English words ‘length’ and ‘lengthen’. ...

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