Hurricane flooding damages Houston area parishes and food bank


Though the floodwaters in Texas are beginning to recede, the city of Houston and surrounding areas continue to feel the after effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Tens of thousands of people remain in shelters and countless more have begun the process of cleaning up homes, businesses, and...

ACC expands into remote areas of Congo


The ACC has expanded into one of the most remote areas of Congo, according to a recent report from Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge.  The Parish of Saint Jacques, Lwiko is  situated in the Collectivity of Itombwe, an area in the equatorial forest near the shores of Lake Tanganyika. While...

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Update from Cameroon--a school reopens and a clinic gets new doors


Despite the challenges posed by violence and the difficulty of securing funds, the ACC continues to make progress in the Central African nation of Cameroon.  Father Alphonse Vascaniat Ndutiye, Vicar General of the diocese, reports that repairs are complete on the doors of the medical clinic...

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Diocese of Australia and New Zealand holds synod--Bishop Hodge to retire


The Diocese of Australian and New Zealand held its 24th synod on May 13th, 2017 at St. Benedict's parish in Brisbane.  Bishop Denis Hodge and Archbishop Mark Haverland presided over the meetings and the mass.  The synod was marked by the same spirit of unity among Continuing Anglicans...

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Bishop Garang Issues Urgent Appeal for Aid


In recent months both the ACC website and The Trinitarian have reported on the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.  Though many have responded, the situation remains dire, leading Bishop Wilson Garang to make the following appeal. In February 2017 the United Nations formally declared famine...

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