ACC in Pakistan holds convention--builds ecumenical ties and receives new members into the Church


Bishop Mushtaq Andrew of the Diocese of Lahore reports that the ACC in Pakistan is doing well, and that there are indications of developing ecumenical ties between Christians in the area.  The Bishop cited a recent convention, held at the parish of St. Mary’s Anglican Catholic...

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Bishop Garang makes an appeal to tackle the problem of malaria in South Sudan


Bishop Wilson Garang reports that he is now well, having recovered from the sickness which accompanied him home to Nairobi from his last visit to his Diocese in South Sudan. He hopes to return soon to the Diocese of Aweil, where malaria is a significant problem, especially in this rainy season,...

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Diocese of the UK holds its annual synod in London--passes resolutions and reports on growth.


The Diocese of the United Kingdom held its twenty-seventh Diocesan Synod in London last week.  As was the case in years past, the meetings were held at the majestic Methodist Central Hall in Storey's Gate, Westminster.  The day began with a solemn pontifical mass, after which, the...

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Georgia parish rings in Eastertide with a new set of bells


St. Stephen's parish in Athens, Georgia has a new way of making its presence known in the community, one with roots that stretch back to the earliest days of the Church--the parish has installed a peal of bells.   The church has had a bell tower since its construction in 1981, and for many...

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Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports progress in Congo--cites schools and Sewing Centre as significant


What a difference a decade makes--especially in the lives of children.  So says Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge in his latest report on the ACC mission in Congo.  Though the country has seen significant unrest of late, and even armed conflict as the government battles against the Mai Mai...

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