Anglican Churches and Polish National Catholic Church begin dialogue in Atlanta


Earlier this month the ACC and its ecumenical partners (the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Province of America, and the Diocese of the Holy Cross), commonly known as the G-4, began a dialogue with the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC).  The Anglican churches were represented...

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Bishop John Benedict MacDonald, R.I.P.


The ACC in the Philippines reports that The Right Reverend Bishop John Benedict, CGS, Bishop Ordinary of the Missionary Diocese of the Philippines, died of a heart attack today (December 8th, 2018). Bishop John Benedict was consecrated in the US on October 20th, 2016 to serve in the...

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Trinitarian subscriptions now available online


Readers of The Trinitarian now have the option of paying for their subscriptions online.  Recently, a link was activated on the ACC website that enables readers to access PayPal, the worldwide online payments system, through which they can make payment using either a bank account or a credit...

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Carolina parishes report flooding and property damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence


This past weekend Hurricane Florence came ashore near Wilmington, North Carolina.  While winds were not as strong as forecasters had originally feared, the storm dumped massive amounts of rain on the state, not only at the shore, but hundreds of miles inland.  In some places rainfall...

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Archbishop Haverland makes visitation to the Diocese of New Granada; commends work being done


The Diocese of New Granada received its canonical visitation from Archbishop Haverland last week, and indications are that the Church in South America is healthy and growing.  The Archbishop began his week-long tour with an appearance at the annual synod in Bogota, where he met with clergy...

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