Continuing Church Bishops Send Open Letter to ACNA


The ACC has joined with four other Continuing Church jurisdictions in calling on the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) to return to its classical Anglican roots. Signed by Archbishops Grundorf (APA), Haverland (ACC), Marsh (ACA), and Robinson (UECNA), as well as Bishop Paul Hewett of the...

College of Bishops urges support and prayers for the people of Newtown, CT


The Christmas Story of our blessed Lord's Holy Nativity is beautiful and powerful, but always the shadow of the Cross is upon the stable in Bethlehem. So too, as in these last few weeks before Christmas, with our minds so full of family, friends and children, the dark shadow of a world awaiting...

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Books by the retired Archbishop distributed in Kenya, Rwanda, and the DRC


Members of the Church in Central Africa recently received a unique supplement to their stock of devotional material as the Wilkins Foundation announced this week the translation of John-Charles Vockler's, One Man's Prayers, into Swahili.  This series of reflections and devotions is the...

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ACC Establishes Frank S. Haak Scholarship for Military Chaplains


Bishop Donald Lerow, Military Prelate of the ACC, announced this week the creation of the Admiral Frank S. Haak Memorial Scholarship.  This award is intended to help ACC seminarians who are interested in pursuing a career as a chaplain in the armed forces of the United States.  Born in...

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Synod establishes Missionary District for Canada


The ACC, in a joint effort with the Anglican Province of Christ the King, has established a new front for evangelism in North America.  From October 23rd to 25th, 2012, delegates from both jurisdictions met in synod at Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  There...

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