Twenty Two Years in the Making


"The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed" and like a seed long dormant, a parish in Australia is experiencing new growth.  After nearly twenty-two years, St. Benedict’s Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), Clayfield, Queensland (Australia) had the joy of its first...

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Signs of Recovery from Haiti


Earlier this month Haiti received its first episcopal visitation since the terrible earthquake of January 2010.  Archbishop Haverland reports tremendous progress, both in the country at large, and in the Anglican Catholic mission.  Highway infrastructure has improved, enabling better...

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Coming up in the September/October Issue of The Trinitarian


Coming up in the next issue of THE TRINITARIAN The Canadian-based Africa Appeal has provided funds to send Wivine and Faraja, whose plight was reported in the July-August issue of THE TRINITARIAN, to attend sewing school and provide them with sewing machines so they can earn a living as...

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Archbishop Haverland visits Colombia; Enthrones Bishop Orrego-Hurtado and engages in ecumenical dialog


Last month the Anglican Catholic Diocese of New Granada received it bi-annual visitation from Archbishop Mark Haverland.  Notable activities of the trip were the enthronment of Bishop German Orrego-Hurtdado in the chapel of Our Lady, Pereira, and an ecumenical call to the Most Reverend...

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Coming up in the Trinitarian


Coming up in the July-August 2013 issue of THE TRINITARIAN Traditional churches in the United States are struggling with growth in a rapidly changing world. There are many factors that seem to put growth out of reach. How can we turn the tide and help declining churches to grow? Father Matthew...

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