Archbishop Haverland delivers Easter message


Saint Mark xvi, verse 3 - Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre?The three great feasts of the Christian year are Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost.  On Christmas we proclaim that the God who created us became one of us so that he could show us himself in the way we...

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Bishop Garang requests prayers; thanks Province for support.


In a recent report sent to Archbishop Haverland, Bishop Wilson Garang of the Diocese of Aweil states that while the Church in South Sudan is beset by difficulty, they continue to work to spread the messge of Christ.  To further his work in South Sudan, he requests prayers and additional...

New Order of Franciscans Received in Colombia


A new order of Franciscans has been received into the ACC by the Bishop of New Granada.  Originally an independent Anglican Order that utilizes a modified Franciscan Rule the Orden de los Frailes Misioneros Bonpastorianos (Order of the Missionary Friars of the Good Shepherd) allows for both...

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Continuing Church Bishops Send Open Letter to ACNA


The ACC has joined with four other Continuing Church jurisdictions in calling on the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) to return to its classical Anglican roots. Signed by Archbishops Grundorf (APA), Haverland (ACC), Marsh (ACA), and Robinson (UECNA), as well as Bishop Paul Hewett of the...

College of Bishops urges support and prayers for the people of Newtown, CT


The Christmas Story of our blessed Lord's Holy Nativity is beautiful and powerful, but always the shadow of the Cross is upon the stable in Bethlehem. So too, as in these last few weeks before Christmas, with our minds so full of family, friends and children, the dark shadow of a world awaiting...

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