Violence in Haiti causes postponement of episcopal visitation


The ACC in Haiti will have to wait for its 2016 episcopal visitation.  Though Archbishop Haverland was originally scheduled to visit the country from January 22-26, sources recommended that he postpone the trip, only hours before the flight was to leave the ground.  The...

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ACC Diocese of Southern Africa elects new Bishop


by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian It took the Anglican Diocese of Southern Africa one ballot to elect the Right Reverend Dominic Sonwabo Mdunyelwa as the second Bishop Ordinary of the diocese.  Bishop Mdunyelwa, who has been Episcopal Visitor to the diocese, succeeds the Right...

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Diocese of the UK to celebrate the 24th anniversary of its founding this January


Later this month, Anglican Catholics in the United Kingdom will celebrate a unique anniversary.  On the 24th of January, which also happens to be Septuagesima Sunday, the Anglican Catholic Diocese of the United Kingdom (DUK) will commemorate 24 years of existence. The diocese was founded in...

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Archbishop requests aid for Mission Society in Advent appeal


The Saint Paul Missionary Society is the international missionary and humanitarian arm of the Anglican Catholic Church.  SPMS supports clergy and educational, religious, and humanitarian works in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, south Asia, and Southeast Asia, including Colombia,...

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Anglican Parishes Association announces publication of leather bound 1928 Prayer Book


The Anglican Parishes Association Book Publisher has announced that in addition to reissuing its popular leather-bound BCP/KJV (1928 Book of Common Prayer and King James Bible), it will also be printing a stand-alone Prayer Book bound in leather.  In describing the book, the publisher...

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