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Virginia parish assists Church in Kenya

Mar 28, 2016


Recent rains have caused damage at St. Anectus high school in Nairobi.

by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian

When the Diocese of Kenya decided to erect a building in the Nairobi suburb of Kayole for the Church of the Resurrection there, a wealthy donor in Australia agreed to fund the project.

But the donor died in 2015, leaving the four-story building—which, in addition to the church, houses St.Anectus High School and living quarters for the Rt. Rev. John Kamande Ndegwa and his family—a work in progress.

That caused problems, the biggest of which was the need for translucent iron roofing to let light into various areas of the church. The decision was made to leave those areas open. This included the staircase.

Big mistake, although no alternatives were available.

“The unfinished area turned out to be a nightmare,” Bishop Ndegwa told the diocese’s Council of Advice in December. “When it rains the unfinished floor floods, the walls have internal leaking, and water resurfaces on all floors, including bedrooms.”

That was when St. Luke’s, which serves Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding areas, stepped into the breach.

For the full story on this subject and others like it, see the upcoming issue of The Trinitarian.

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