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Update from Cameroon--a school reopens and a clinic gets new doors

Jul 3, 2017


Father Alphonse Ndutiye and two parishioners inspect the repair of the Edea clinic doors.

Despite the challenges posed by violence and the difficulty of securing funds, the ACC continues to make progress in the Central African nation of Cameroon. 

Father Alphonse Vascaniat Ndutiye, Vicar General of the diocese, reports that repairs are complete on the doors of the medical clinic in Edéa.  This is a major improvement, as medical supplies, which are often expensive and hard to come by, are now more secure. 

This follows on a major renovation of Edéa College - Ste. Trinité that wrapped up earlier in the year.  Though closed for a time, the school has now reopened and is officially registered with the Cameroonian government. Both religious and secular subjects are taught to youth and young adults.  Father Ndutiye hopes that with additional funding, the college can expand its offerings.

There have been challenges, though.  In addition to dealing with a bout of malaria that hindered his work earlier in the year, Father Ndutiye reports that Christian clergy are coming under threat, largely from militants associated with the Boko Haram.  He noted with concern the recent abduction and murder of Roman Catholic bishop, Jean-Marie Benoit Bala, and asked for prayers for the Church in Cameroon.

In addition to prayers, Father Ndutiye hopes that the ACC in the developed world will continue to support his work financially, as additional funds are needed for both the clinic and the college.

Those who are interested in assisting with these projects may do so by donating to the Saint Paul Mission Society.  Click here to find out how.

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