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Synod establishes Missionary District for Canada

Nov 1, 2012


Archbishops Haverland and Provence with Delegates

The ACC, in a joint effort with the Anglican Province of Christ the King, has established a new front for evangelism in North America.  From October 23rd to 25th, 2012, delegates from both jurisdictions met in synod at Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  There under the guidance of Archbishops Mark Haverland (ACC) and James Provence (APCK), they established a new Missionary District for Canada. 

Though the MDC is officially part of the Anglican Catholic Church, Archbishop Provence will continue to provide pastoral oversight for the parish of St. Mark's Victoria, BC (formerly of the APCK), until a Canadian bishop can be consecrated.  At present, the leading clergyman is the Vicar General, The Reverend Robert Mansfield, SSC.  Other officers include Father David Marriott (Clergy Representative, Western Region)  and Father James Chantler (Clergy Representative, Central Region).  A council of lay leaders was also appointed.  In a sign of continuing cooperation between the ACC and APCK, Archbishop Provence ordained Mr. George Sebastian Betsos to the order of deacons.  Mr. Bestos will serve in the aforementioned parish of St. Mark. 

The theme of this inaugural synod was “Pastoral Availability with Organisational Stability," a matter addressed in a series of lectures by Father Stanley Sinclair.  Copies of Father Sinclair's lectures are linked below. 

For more information on this and other news from around the ACC, see the November/December issue of The Trinitarian.

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