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Signs of Recovery from Haiti

Sep 30, 2013


Gathering after mass at the Parish of Therese de Lisieux, Tapio.

Earlier this month Haiti received its first episcopal visitation since the terrible earthquake of January 2010.  Archbishop Haverland reports tremendous progress, both in the country at large, and in the Anglican Catholic mission.  Highway infrastructure has improved, enabling better supply of outlying areas such as in Tapio, where Father Jean Bien-Aime runs an orphanage and school. 

In stark comparison to the last decade, when there was no electricity, the compound of St. Therese’s Church, orphanage, clinic, and school, now runs on a combination of solar power and gas generators.  As for water and sanitation, the compound has moved over the years from no running water or toilets to water provided from a piped ground source (with the ACC capping the spring and piping it to five locations around the community).  However, the most striking improvement is in the buildings. 

Prior to the earthquake Father Bien-Aime kept the orphans in Port-au-Prince, because of the availability there of superior education and medical care.  However, Port-au-Prince is expensive, hot, polluted, and comparatively insecure.  The ACC’s Port-au-Prince orphanage and the associated school in the Delmas neighborhood were both destroyed by the earthquake - both buildings, fortunately, being only rentals.  After a year or two of moving the children about with temporary arrangements, Father Bien-Aime has now built enough to move the entire operation to Tapio.

The Church itself continues to grow, with ten confirmations reported in Tapio and continued outreach to the community in Monnonville, where Father Jean Beaudelet serves the parish of St. Vincent de Paul.

To learn more about progress in Haiti and get other news from around the Anglican Catholic Church, see the October/November issue of The Trinitarian.  

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