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Severe flooding threatens ACC parishes and school

Sep 9, 2014


Flood waters have reached the walls of St. Mary's School in Narowal.

Flooding in India and Pakistan this week have left hundreds dead and displaced thousands, as rivers continue to rise. 

Though heavy rains are common in the monsoon season, inhabitants of the area surrounding the Jhelum and Chenab Rivers were surprised by the severity of the flood.  In Pakistan, the military has been assisting in relief efforts, rescuing 970 people in Punjab in a single day. 

Flooding has hit ACC parishes in Narowal and Gujranwala hard, where at least one building has collapsed when its foundations were undermined.  Services have been canceled and students at St. Mary's school have been sent home to be with their families. 

Bishop-Elect Andrew has been able to visit some families in the affected areas, where he and his ministers provided food and emergency supplies.  His message to the people is "to be strong and remain patient; while rescue efforts can not compensate for great loss, the Lord may provide more from His providence." 

Unfortunately, Pakistan's meteorological service has warned that more heavy rain and thunderstorms could hit Punjab and the north of the country in the coming 48 hours, which could cause additional flooding in major rivers.

Any who are interested in assisting the relief efforts are encouraged to donate to the Missionary Society of St. Paul.  Donations may be made by following this link

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