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Parish of St. Alban the Martyr celebrates 160 years of witness

Aug 15, 2016


The old building (inset) may be gone, but the parish continues its witness today.

by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian 

June 18th saw a triple celebration at St. Alban the Martyr, Salford, Greater Manchester, England.

The Bishop of the United Kingdom, the Right Reverend Damien Mead, preached and confirmed, the patronal festival was kept, and the parish, which began in the Church of England, celebrated the 160th anniversary of its founding.

In his prayers, Bishop Mead remembered former worshippers both before and after the congregation joined the ACC, including the clergy who faithfully served St. Alban’s, from the first parish priest, The Reverend John Edmund Sedgwick, onward.

In 1994, St. Alban’s original church building, which was splendid, was scheduled for closure and demolition, and the congregation, which wished to continue, found itself homeless. On February 13th of that year, they voted to leave the Church of England and to be received into the ACC.

After worshiping in various places, a former butcher’s shop was bought and converted into a church. This was consecrated on October 10th, 1998 by the Right Reverend Leslie Hamlett, first Bishop of the United Kingdom.

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