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New Order of Franciscans Received in Colombia

Jan 3, 2013


Members of the Missionary Friars of the Good Shepherd with their Bishop and Protector, The Right Reverend German Orrego-Hurtado

A new order of Franciscans has been received into the ACC by the Bishop of New Granada.  Originally an independent Anglican Order that utilizes a modified Franciscan Rule the Orden de los Frailes Misioneros Bonpastorianos (Order of the Missionary Friars of the Good Shepherd) allows for both celibate and married members.  Under the leadership of Superior General and founder Father Abrahán González, the order has priests and brothers housed in foundations across the Republic of Colombia.

At present, the Order serves four churches and a chapel, but their main work involves running centers of Christian ministry.  One such example is the Casa Hogar Nazareth (House of Nazareth) in Medellín, where the Order cares for children who have either been abandoned by their parents, or have no overnight accommodations (most often because a parent is working as a prostitute).  Another area of outreach is in Bogotá, where the Order operates an elder care facility called the Casa Hogar El Refugio de mis Anos (House for the Shelter of My Years).

In an effort to enhance the mission and standing of the ACC in Colombia, the Order also strives to educate its priests and novices in the Anglican way. This is done through courses in church history, liturgics, and scripture, all of which take place at its Institute of Anglican Studies in Medellín.   An additional house of study and an Oratory has been opened recently in Pereira, near to farm and mission of their protector, Bishop German Orrego-Hurtado.  With such support, Father González and and his brethren look to expand the Order's work and influence in the upcoming year, as well as establish further ties with other Franciscans in the ACC. 

For more information on this and other news from around the ACC, see the March/April issue of The Trinitarian.

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