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Hurricane flooding damages Houston area parishes and food bank

Aug 31, 2017


Houston suburbs like Cypress remain flooded after heavy rains

Though the floodwaters in Texas are beginning to recede, the city of Houston and surrounding areas continue to feel the after effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Tens of thousands of people remain in shelters and countless more have begun the process of cleaning up homes, businesses, and places of worship after the flood.  Based on initial reports, Bishop Terry Lowe of the ACC's Diocese of New Orleans anticipates a long and costly recovery process for the churches there.

The ACC of Parish of Holy Cross, is located in the northern suburbs of Houston on one of the highest points in the city.  Though it managed to escape the worst of the flood, Father James Monroe reports that one of its buildings sustained significant damage to the roof and interior as a result of the high winds and rain. Holy Cross runs a major food bank in the area, yet despite the damage, Father Monroe hopes to get their operation up and running again soon, as many are likely to be without basic necessities for weeks to come.

The ACC's ecumenical partner, the Diocese of the Holy Cross, has a parish (St. Peter's) further south and west, in Cypress, Texas.  Reports out of Cypress indicate the area was hit hard by the storm, and it is presumed that the people there will need significant aid. 

At the time of writing, these are the only two parishes reporting from the area, but Bishop Lowe has stated his desire to assist in all recovery efforts.  Any funds received will be sent to the Diocese of New Orleans for use in the parishes just named, or elsewhere if the bishops become aware of further needs.

Those who are interested in donating to relief efforts may do so through the St. Paul Mission Society. Checks should be marked 'hurricane relief' and sent to PO Box 5223, Athens, GA, 30606.  Online donations may be made by clicking here.

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