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Health Crisis Grips Aweil

Apr 25, 2016


Many needy people in Aweil suffer from untreated illness.

by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian

A growing health crisis threatens to overwhelm the ACC’s Diocese of Aweil in the northwest corner of strife-torn South Sudan, the world’s newest nation and one of its poorest.

“In 2014, in one village in East Aweil County, more than 500 people died from malaria and water-borne diseases because they could not get help,” said the Right Reveverend Wilson Garang, Bishop of Aweil.

The diocese covers a region with a population of about one million persons but with only one hospital, in the town of Aweil. It takes five to 10 hours for sick
persons in remote villages to reach the hospital and once there, they must purchase the medicines needed to get them well. 

When possible the diocese has attempted to help sick people, but, he said, lack of funds has meant few of them have been helped.

In order to improve the situation, Bishop Garang said medicines must be provided at least four times a year. In addition, more clinics and hospitals need to be built, with doctors and nurses trained to staff them. 

But, in the end, it all comes down to money. And there simply isn’t enough of it.  

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