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Going on 98--and still going...

Apr 11, 2016


Father Tom Silverwood, now retired from active ministry, stays active with woodworking.

by John Omwake, editor of The Trinitarian

There are have been many interesting people in the ACC. One of its living treasures is in Australia--the Reverend Tom Silverwood.

He is a man of many talents, and though long retired from active parish ministry, at 97 years of age (and looking forward to his 98th birthday on April 18) he still drives and does some gardening and highly skilled woodwork.

Earlier in his life, “Father Tom” worked as an engineer with a broad range of expertise: chemical, civil and mechanical.

During the Second World War he was called upon by the Australian government to do secret work for them behind enemy lines despite not being a member of the armed forces, as he was also fluent in French and German. Due to the Official Secrets Act, he is not willing to say much about this.

But he also had a vocation for the priesthood, and after his ordination he ministered widely in both Western Australia and England. Bishops relied upon him to go to failing parishes and build them up again, which he did.

His love for the faith and his commitment to the Anglican expression of Catholicism have continued unabated to this day, as has his devotion to the Missal...

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