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Diocese of the UK holds its annual synod in London--passes resolutions and reports on growth.

Apr 23, 2018


Bishop Damien Mead leads the business session of the DUK's synod in London.

The Diocese of the United Kingdom held its twenty-seventh Diocesan Synod in London last week.  As was the case in years past, the meetings were held at the majestic Methodist Central Hall in Storey's Gate, Westminster.  The day began with a solemn pontifical mass, after which, the delegates went into the business sessions of synod.  

A significant statement on Chrisitan teaching was made in the passage of a resolution condeming the recent violence in Syria.  While recognizing that international politics is seldom black and white, and there is sometimes a need for the international community to take military action, the resolution draws attention to the Just War tradition, and urges "all Christian people to pray, fast, and work wherever possible, for Peace in Syria and throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world where armed conflicts occur."  

In other business Bishop Mead appointed diocesan officers and received reports from the various parishes.  The sense of the synod was that it had been a good year for the Diocese, with a number of receptions, confirmations, and baptisms.  There was also the purchase and furnishing of a new church building in Painters Forstal, Kent.  This site will be the new home of the parish of St. Augustine, which was formerly meeting in rented quarters. 

Other items of note included the bestowal of the Bishop’s Award for Exemplary Lay Service on Margaret Bendelow of the Parish of St. Denio and  Asaph in Pembroke, Wales, and  the announcement of a Diocesan Retreat at Aylesford Priory in June.

For more information, see the synod reports on the DUK's website or look for upcoming issue of The Trinitarian.

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