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Diocese of New Granada recieves a visit from Archbishop Haverland and neighbors to the north.

Jul 15, 2015


The Archbishop and a confirmand of La Ermita Santa María in Pereira.

From July 3rd-13th the Diocese of New Granada received its second visitation from Archbishop Mark Haverland.  

The first, which took place in August of 2013, saw the enthronment of Bishop German Orrego-Hurtdado in the chapel of Our Lady, Pereira, and an ecumenical call to the Most Reverend Gonzalo Restrepo, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manizales, where cordial relations between Roman and Anglican Catholic Churches in Colombia were affirmed. 

While this visitation was not marked by the same high-profile events that occurred during the first visitation, this second trip confirmed that the good work which was begun by Bishop Orrego-Hurtdado at the start of his episcopal ministry has continued to flourish. 

Accompanied by Canon and Mrs. Sanford Sears (who acted as translators), the Archbishop was welcomed by churches and new congregations in Bogota, Medellin, Pereira, Manizales and Cartagena.  At many of these locations he welcomed new members and performed confirmations. 

The Archbishop also paid a visit to the also the brothers of the Orden de los Frailes Misioneros Bonpastorianos (Order of the Missionary Friars of the Good Shepherd), an order of Franciscan friars who were received into the ACC in 2014.  Under the leadership of Superior General and founder Father Abrahán González, the order has priests and brothers housed in foundations across the Republic of Colombia. 

Concurrent with the Archbishop's visitation was another embassage from the North American ACC, that of the parish of Holy Guardian Angels in Lantana, Florida.  Led by Father David Kennedy and Brother David Amason, the group from Holy Guardian Angels combined a general tour with fact finding, its vestry having voted to make Bishop Orrego-Hurtdado's Colombian ministry the focus of their missionary outreach.

Those who are interested in learning more about the ACC in Colombia or ways to help should see the July/August issue of The Trinitarian.

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