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Coming up in the Trinitarian

Jul 3, 2013


Representatives from the Diocese of the United Kingdom spreading the word about the Anglican Catholic Church.

Coming up in the July-August 2013 issue of THE TRINITARIAN

  • Traditional churches in the United States are struggling with growth in a rapidly changing world. There are many factors that seem to put growth out of reach. How can we turn the tide and help declining churches to grow? Father Matthew Mirabile of the Cathedral of the Resurrection, Ansonia, Connecticut, has some suggestions.
  •  Bishop Damien Mead and clergy and laity of the Diocese of the United Kingdom recently spent a week promoting the diocese and the ACC at Britain’s largest Christian exhibition. During that time they came in contact with many people, some of whom have since showed up at ACC congregations. By and large inquirers were receptive, although a few were not so nice. Bishop Mead’s diary, which he kept throughout the week, tells what happened.
  • Unreported among the many crimes taking place in the civil strife plaguing the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is the rape of countless women, young and old. Some of the women have sought, and received, help from the ACC’s Missionary Diocese of Congo. Its diocesan, Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge, tells the story of two of these women.
  • The Free Church of England, a Continuing Anglican body with about 3,000 members in the Free State Province of the Republic of South Africa, has signified its intention to come into the ACC.
  • An electoral synod of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity has chosen the Rev. Canon Stephen C. Scarlett to be the diocese’s next bishop ordinary. However, a synod in the Diocese of New Orleans did not achieve the required two-thirds majority to elect a bishop. It’s up to the College of Bishops to decide what to do next.

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