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Christmastide brings aid to the poor in Pakistan.

Dec 27, 2013


Bishop-elect Andrew celebrates the joy of Christmas by distributing gifts of food to the poor of the Diocese of Lahore.

While many Christians in the west are putting away ornaments and taking down trees, members of the ACC in Pakistan continue to celebrate the coming of Christ.  And in a country where Christmas gifts themselves are uncommon, the ones coming from Pak-Anglican Social Services (PASS) are all the more appreciated because they contain the necessities of life.

PASS has been making an impact in the Diocese of Lahore since its founding in 2009.  Its leaders believe that poverty stands in the way of individuals and communities from discovering their full potential and worth.  Therefore PASS works to serve the social and economic needs of the poor.  But this does not mean that it is concerned with people's physical needs alone.  The word "Pak," which is recognizable to English speakers as the first syllable of the nation's name, also means "holy" in the Urdu language.  This serves as a reminder that the ultimate goal of PASS is to help people experience fully the love of God. 

Nowhere is this belief more evident than in the work being done by Bishop-elect Mushtaq Andrew in the poor villages of the Siran Valley. There, PASS will spend Christmastide distributing gifts of food and other necessities to widows and orphans.  And while Christians elsewhere move on to the hope and promise of a new year, Biship Andrew urges his brothers and sisters in the west "not to forget the poor in the happiest moments of life--the Christmas message is meant for them as well." 

Those who are interested in helping Bishop Andrew may send money to PASS through the Anglican Mission Society of St. Paul.  As always, gifts to the MSSP are tax deductable donations in the United States.

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