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California parish sends aid to the Church in Pakistan

Jun 8, 2014


Members of the ACC in Pakistan prepare to distribute food and water to the local community.

The Diocese of Lahore of ACC is a thriving church community in Pakistan.  Led by Bishop-elect Mushtaq Andrew, the Pakistani Church looks to serve the Lord by reaching out to their neighbors with the good news of Christ.

Unfortunately, their mission can only go so far due to, surprisingly, not their political boundaries, but their physical ones.  Nearly 52.8 million Pakistani people lack access to safe drinking water, and because of this, more than 200,000 people die each year from malnutrition. 

That's why the people of St. Mary Magdalene, Orange, CA decided to do something. 

During the Lenten season of 2014, the parish began a fundraiser called “Water for Life.” The goal was to bring clean drinking water to the church community in Pakistan.  Knowing this was a project which would take funding, as well as prayer, parishoners created a Giving Tree, placed it in their Narthex, and hung bags with dollar amounts onto it, in hopes that people would pull one down and donate that amount to their brothers and sisters in Pakistan. 

In an overwhelming response, the parish was able not only to provide funds for drilling for water, but also to fund building improvements and the purchase of livestock.  By providing access to the water, the Church in Pakistan has been able to spread the good news of Christ to their local community.

Assessing the success of the initiative so far, Father Neil Edlin, rector of St. Mary Magdalene, says, "all around, God has used...willing hearts to unite and further his kingdom--it has been amazing for all involved to watch how God works, and all of us are excited to see what God will do next with these two little parts of his global church."

To find out more about the ACC in Pakistan, or the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene, click the highlighted links. For more on this story, and others like it, see the upcoming issue of The Trinitarian.

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