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Books by the retired Archbishop distributed in Kenya, Rwanda, and the DRC

Nov 24, 2012


Father Phanuel Munezero (right) and his copy of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Members of the Church in Central Africa recently received a unique supplement to their stock of devotional material as the Wilkins Foundation announced this week the translation of John-Charles Vockler's, One Man's Prayers, into Swahili. 

This series of reflections and devotions is the second book by the retired Archbishop of the ACC to be produced for use in the African Church, the first being a translation of The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Graceful Virtues into Kinyarwanda.  These books are intended for distribution in the countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Archdeacon John Ndegwa of the ACC Mission in Niarobi reports that he is using One Man's Prayers to supplement his personal devotions and is recommending the book to others.  Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge of the DRC is doing likewise and has suggested that the book can be printed locally, provided funding can be secured.  Meanwhile, Father Phanuel Munezero of the Church in Rwanda is using The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Graceful Virtues for purposes of instruction.  Due to high rates of illiteracy in Rwanda, the clergy are using lessons from the book to supplement their own teaching, rather than distributing copies directly.

The Wilkins Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the translation and distribution of Christian writings, has high hopes for this project, and if it proves fruitful, will expand its efforts in the area.  In the meantime it is moving forward with a translation of Professor Henry Schaefer's Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? into Chinese.  Professor Schaefer is the Graham Perdue Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia and a well known lecturer on issues of science and faith.

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