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Bishop Garang requests prayers; thanks Province for support.

Feb 7, 2013


Bishop Garang prepares to distribute food within the Diocese of Aweil.

In a recent report sent to Archbishop Haverland, Bishop Wilson Garang of the Diocese of Aweil states that while the Church in South Sudan is beset by difficulty, they continue to work to spread the messge of Christ.  To further his work in South Sudan, he requests prayers and additional aid.

Noting that there has been a massive buildup of forces in the area of Abyei, Bishop Garang believes his people may once again be facing the prospect of war in the north.  Add to that the fact that the floods of 2012 have resulted in widespread sickness and famine, and it becomes clear that the Bishop and his people are faced with great challenges.  Some relief has come in the form of food and medicine, financed by the Missionary Society of St. Paul and Anglican Aid Abroad, but more will be needed in the months ahead.

Despite the bleak outlook and diminishing prospects for peace, the Church continues to flourish.  Bishop Garang reports that in the past three months he has confirmed more than fifteen hundred people and ordained six new deacons and priests.  These men will serve parishes in the Kuacjok Deanry and the area around Malek Akoon.  Bishop Garang states that his people will be praying for good weather for crops, for the stability of the diocese, and for peace in the north, and he asks his fellow Anglicans to join them in these intentions.  In addition to prayers, funds for food and medicine will be necessary. 

Donation should be made through the Missionary Society of St. Paul.

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