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Bishop Canillo requests prayers and aid for churches, people of Philippines

Nov 10, 2013


Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines this past weekend, is thought to have left 10,000 dead in its wake.

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As the world watches the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, Bishop René Canillo is asking for prayers for his people.  As head of the Missionary District of the Philippines, which was received into the ACC at the recent Provincial Synod, Bishop Canillo finds himself faced with an unexpected set of challenges, since his travel to the United States left him unable to return to his people before the storm hit. 

Though most of Bishop Canillo's work is centered on the island of Mindanao, which, being on the western edge of the archipelago, was spared the brunt of the storm surge, the church's situation remains unclear.  The Bishop has been able to send aid to the island of Bohul, a mere 150 miles southwest of ground zero at Tacloban, but three parishes in the city of Oroquita remain unaccounted for.  And while the storm has passed, many areas are still in danger of post-typhoon landslides, such as the one that killed more than 5000 people in Ormoc City in 1991.

Though the ACC will certainly be sending aid through the Missionary Society of St. Paul, specific needs have yet to be determined.  Donations can be made, however, by clicking the link above and putting "Typhoon Relief" in the box marked "Add special instructions."  In response to Bishop Canillo's request, the following prayer is recommended:

Almighty Father, God of Love, we implore thy help in this our great need.  If we have neglected thy laws, pardon our carelessness and inspire us to amend our ways.  Strengthen the hands of all who minister to the suffering, and make us generous in their support.  Have mercy upon all who endure pain or grief.  Deal graciously, O God, with those who mourn, that they may know the consolation of thy love.  May the souls of the departed abide in peace, grow in grace, and rejoice in the everlasting light of thy presence, through thy Son Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

From The Pastor's Prayer Book

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