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Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports progress in Congo--cites schools and Sewing Centre as significant

Mar 19, 2018


The children of St. Francois d'Assise have been educated for 10 years in an ACC mission school.

What a difference a decade makes--especially in the lives of children.  So says Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge in his latest report on the ACC mission in Congo.  Though the country has seen significant unrest of late, and even armed conflict as the government battles against the Mai Mai Yakatumba rebels, the church is making a difference in people's lives. 

An outstanding example of the impact the ACC Mission has made is in Mosho, a village high above Lake Kivu, not too far from Bukavu, in Sud Kivu.  There, in 2007, the ACC established the parish of St. Francoise d’Assise.  Many of the parishioners were widows with small children. Other households had husbands who had accepted work in the illegal mines that operate in the hills.  Ten years later, people who were among the poorest in the area have a permanent place to worship, and a new school has educated a generation of children.  

Elsewhere progress has been made on the ACC Sewing Centre, an organization dedicated to helping women who are victims of war crimes. There, women who have little or no support from family and villages are taught marketable skill. While the Centre has had sewing machines for several years, recent donations from Athens, Georgia, and Newport Beach, California have financed the construction of a new multipurpose room.  This will be used for work seminars, literacy training, Christian education, and worship.  A second phase of construction is also planned and will focus on repair of offices and the chapel.  All of this will allow the Sewing Centre to expand its work.

So, while the people of Congo face significant difficulties and dangers, Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports that the church is also able to shine a ray of hope.  And he notes that while the ACC's humanitarian projects are certainly important, everywhere he is active the Gospel is being preached.

Those who are interested in supporting his mission may do so through the St. Paul Mission Society. Checks should be marked "Congo" and sent to PO Box 5223, Athens, GA, 30606.  Online donations may be made by clicking here.  

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