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Bishop Ayule-Milenge of Congo visits the ACC in Cameroon

Aug 14, 2014


Candidates for ordination stand before the Bishop at St. Michael's, Nismalen.

Near the end of June, the people of Cameroon received their first visit from an ACC bishop, the Right Reverend Steven Ayule-Milenge of the Diocese of Congo. 

In addition to performing confirmations, Bishop Ayule-Milenge ordained seven new priests and two new deacons to serve the fast growing Cameroonian congregation.  In fact, in a recent report to the College of Bishops, he reported his belief that Cameroon is ready to be elevated to the status of Missionary Diocese. 

A great deal of the Cameroonian church's success can be attributed to the work of its Vicar-General, Father Alphonse Ndutiye, and the support of several Canadian parishes.  One of the greatest success stories is that of the Vicar General's own church, St. Michael's in Nismalen.  In this small town near the Yaoundé International Airport, construction of a cathedral has begun. 

The building, constructed in concrete blocks for permanance, is an essential symbol of the church's mission and is designed to show the governement that the ACC is committed to the people of Cameroon.  Despite the lack of a roof, the Cathedral of St. Michael is open for worship, and people gather to hear the mass even in the midst of tropical rains.  A canopy is placed over the altar and the people use umbrellas, but their enthusiasm for the opportunity to worship is not dampened.

If you are interested in helping the ACC in Cameroon, funds may be sent through the Missionary Society of St. Paul.  There are no deductions from monies received; the full dollar amount is sent to the designee.

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