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Bishop Ayule-Milenge celebrates 15th anniversary of the ACC in Congo--ordains 9 deacons and priests

Oct 14, 2019


Bishop Ayule Milenge performs ordinations on the anniversary of the ACC Diocese of Congo

This September marked the fifteenth year of the ACC's presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge and his people celebrated the occasion with a mass and banquet at the Parish of Sainte Trinité in Bukavu. Adding to the importance of the occasion, five deacons and four priests were ordained.

There is much to be thankful for in Congo, Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports. Work on the ACC Sewing Center, a mission to help female victims of war crimes and sexual abuse, continues apace, and a recent donation from the Wilkins Foundation has enabled improvements to an ACC-run health clinic.

Still, the diocese does face certain hardships, as fighting between militia groups has prevented travel to and from the churches in the Itombwe district. Similarly an ourbreak of the Ebola virus has raised fears in those who would travel from elsewhere in the country to Bukavu.

Bishop Ayule-Milenge has asked the wider ACC to continue their support and prayers for his diocese. He adds that he hopes to make the trip to Atlanta in January for the 2020 Joint Synods where he will make a full report.

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