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Archbishop Haverland visits Rwanda

Aug 30, 2012


The Archbishop confirmed over 120 youth and adults during his recent visit to Rwanda

The ACC's mission in Rwanda recently received a visit from the Archbishop of the Original Province.  Between August 10th and 20th, Archbishop Mark Haverland and Father Mark Becher of St. Matthew's, Newport Beach, traveled to sixteen Rwandan congregations, including three new ones near the border of neighboring Tanzania.  

Most of these congregations are in villages which are off of paved roads, and at present, only about half have buildings owned by the ACC. The remainder meet in structures lent to the church or in private homes.  Yet despite the poverty and lack of facilities, the Church in Rwanda continues to grow. Over the course of his ten day trip, the Archbishop performed thirty-two ordinations and well over a hundred confirmations.  

In addition to administering the sacraments, the Archbishop also met with local Rwandan officials. Father Phaneul Munezero, the Vicar General of the Diocese, reports that the presence of two western clergymen, and their willingness to minister to those in poverty stricken areas, gives added legitimacy to his work and has enhanced the standing of the ACC in the eyes of the government. This is an important development since government approval is necessary for the establishment of parishes and the construction of church buildings in Rwanda.

For more information and other news from around the ACC, see the September/October issue of The Trinitarian.

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