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Archbishop Haverland makes visitation to the Diocese of New Granada; commends work being done

Sep 2, 2018


One stop on the trip was to an ACC-run school and youth program in Cali.

The Diocese of New Granada received its canonical visitation from Archbishop Haverland last week, and indications are that the Church in South America is healthy and growing. 

The Archbishop began his week-long tour with an appearance at the annual synod in Bogota, where he met with clergy from across the diocese.  From there he traveled to Pereira, where construction on Bishop German Orrego-Hurtado's new cathedral is well under way.  The stop in Pereira also included a visit to ACC-run charities and a meeting with local Roman Catholic clergy.

After Pereira, the Archbishop traveled to Medellín, where he met with ACC supporters and toured La Catedral, the "prison" built by the drug-lord, Pablo Escobar, as part of the 1991 agreement whereby he surrendered himself the to Colombian government.  Abandoned for many years, the entire facility has been renovated and is now run by the ACC as a home for the elderly poor. 

From Medellín, the Archbishop traveled to Cali, where he met with more clergy and toured a church-run parish and school.  The trip concluded with a trip back to Pereira for special mass in the new cathedral.  

The Archbishop said he is pleased with the progress the church has made since his 2013 visitation and commended Bishop Orrego-Hurtado for his leadership.

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