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African Diocese embraces Social Media

Mar 20, 2014


Use of social media helps build a sense of community among parishes in the Eastern Cape.

As more and more South Africans gain access to the Internet, the ACC's Diocese of the Eastern Cape has made a establishment of an online presence a top priority.  Representative of this resolve was Bishop Solomzi Mentjies' decision to designate Father Luzuko Ngantweni as diocesan web coordinator at the DEC Synod in January. 

The website, which will be used to publish official announcements and news, is only a part of the plan, however.  Recognizing the importance of social media in today's interconnected world, the DEC has also established a presence on Facebook.  Part of the inspiration beind this move was Father Ngantweni's experience using WhatsApp messenger to send out short homilies and daily devotions. 

In an interview given to The Herald, Father Ngantweni recounts, "one morning when I was in prayer the Lord told me that He has a specific promise for each day... that He wants me to share these on Monday to Friday mornings so that His children, who are busy running around trying to make ends meet, could be encouraged not to give up on achieving the best for their lives." 

The popularity of his messages led to Father Ngantweni to believe that Facebook could be a means of uniting the various parishes of the Eastern Cape, which it certainly has.  But it has also helped connect the diocese to the wider Church.  Some of the earliest posts brought news and images of last October's Provincial Synod to members of the South African church.

To visit the Eastern Cape on Facebook, click here.  The new diocesan site will be linked when it is available.

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