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ACC and G-4 Partners celebrate mass; hold successful synods in Atlanta

Jan 27, 2020


Archbishop Mark Haverland (ACC) and Bishop Chandler Jones (APA) at the reading of the Gospel

Clergy and lay delegates from across the world gathered in Atlanta this month for the twenty-third Provincial Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church.  Over the course of five days, they conducted the business of the church and enjoyed fellowship with delegates from the G-4 Anglican partners.  The events of the week concluded with a solemn high mass, in which clergy from all four jurisdictions played a part.  

The ACC meetings were characterized by a new emphasis on mission, as indicated in a series of addresses by the Right Reverend Stephen Scarlett, Bishop of the Diocese of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity.  Bishop Scarlett highlighted the need for fasting and prayer, and a reorientaion of ministry around the theology of the remnant (the full text of Bishop Scarlett's address can be found in the blue banner above).  

In other news, the synod approved the reorganization of dioceses in South Africa, as the ACC in that area of the world continues to grow.  Two new South African bishops were elected (Father Jacob Qhesi for the Diocese of the Vaal and Father Elliot Mnyalde for the Diocese of the Northeast), and a Vicar General appointed (Father Damien Trudeau for the Diocese of the West).  The Diocese of the West is expected to hold an episcopal election later this year.

On the ecumenical front, the synod approved resolutions to invite the Diocese of the Holy Cross to join the ACC, and in support of continuing discussions with the Polish National Catholic Church, the goal of which is to reestablish the relationship of full communion that existed between Anglicans and the PNCC from 1946 to 1978.

For more on the joint synods, along with news from the churches of the G-4, see the next issue of The Trinitarian.  


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