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ACC Bishop assists in bringing eye care to the rural poor in South Africa

Oct 29, 2014


Keith Reid examines a patient at the ACC sponsored eye clinic earlier this month.

Health care in rural South Africa is not easy to come by, particularly for those who have difficulty traveling, such as the old and infirm, or the very young.  That's why when an opportunity arises to help such people by coming to them, Bishop Alan Kenyon-Hoare doesn't hesitate to act. 

Earlier this month, through funding from Anglican Aid Abroad, Bishop Alan arranged for a two-day eye clinic to be held for the people of the villages east of Bloemfontein.  Run by the charitable organization Reach4Sight, the clinic succeeded in providing eye care for nearly two hundred fifty patients, one hundred twenty-nine of whom received free eyeglases.  Since its founding in 2007, Reach4Sight has examined more than 7500 adults and children and supplied more than 1300 pairs of free glasses.

This is the third time that the Missionary Diocese of South Africa has partnered with Reach4Sight, and in assessing their work, Bishop Alan has nothing by praise.  Speaking of the staff, he remarked that "they worked sometimes for shifts of 12 hours with only a ten-minute break for lunch, so that they could get through the long queues of patients waiting for attention; they are humble people with a great love for others, particularly those less fortunate than themselves."

Reach4Sight is run by Keith Reid (Dip. Optom, FOASA) and is a registered charity in the Republic of South Africa.

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