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The Anglican Catholic Church has two primary news outlets--this website and The Trinitarian.  Dioceses, parishes, and individual members of the ACC may have websites, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, but only information printed in the Press Release section (linked at the right) and in The Trinitarian should be considered authoritative.  

The Trinitarian is is the Official Gazette of the Original Province.  All official statements and legislation by the College of Bishops are to be recorded therein.  The Trinitarian is published six times a year and is available for delivery in both in hard copy and pdf.  Subscription information is available at the link to the right.

For the benefit of those who are interested ways the Continuing Church movement, and the ACC in particular, intersect with the wider Christian culture, additional links are provided under News & Commentary.  

The fact that these sources of information are linked on this site does not imply any endorsement of them by the Original Province or its College of Bishops. They do, however, often prove to be useful sources of information when it comes to situating ACC within the wider world of Christianity in the 21st century.

If you have an item of interest you would like to see published, please contact the webmaster, (use our Contact Form) or the Editor of the Trinitarian (information linked at right).