Blessed John Keble



Priest & Confessor

JOHN KEBLE (1792-1866) was the son of a priest, who instilled into him and his brother, in their most plastic years, the principles of sober Anglo-Catholic churchmanship. Under their father's tuition both boys became Scholars of Corpus...

Saint John Capistran




This John was born in the village of Capistrano, in the Kingdom of Naples. Later at Perugia he became so eminent as a lawyer that the king made him governour thereof, where he married into one of the principal families. As governour, he was remarkable, during the...

Saint John of Damascus



Confessor and Doctor of the Church. 

This John was born about 676, at Damascus. There, at the court of the Caliph, his father was an important official, but a Christian, who spent his considerable wealth in good works, specially in ransoming Christians...