Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi




This Mary Magdalene was born at Florence in 1566, of the illustrious family of the Pazzi, which was a race of warriors and statesmen, but she became more illustrious, by reason of her holiness, than any of them. At the age of sixteen, having...

Sunday After the Ascension



The Collect.

O GOD, the King of glory, who hast exalted thine only Son Jesus Christ with great triumph unto thy kingdom in heaven; We beseech thee, leave us not comfortless; but send to us thine Holy Ghost to comfort us, and exalt us unto the same place whither our Saviour Christ is...

Saint Venerable Bede



Confessor and Doctor of the Church

Bede the priest was born about the year 673, at Jarrow, on the borders of England and Scotland. At the age of seven, as he himself hath left on record, he was placed under the care of holy Benedict Biscop, Abbot of...

Saint John I



Pope and Martyr. 

Pope John I was a Tuscan, who began to rule the Church in 523; and almost immediately it became necessary to get the help of the Emperor Justinian, because of the troubles which the heretical King Theodoric was then causing in Italy....