Saint Teresa of Avila




The Virgin Teresa was the daughter of parents who were equally honorable for their birth and their godliness. She was born in 1515, at Avila, in the Kingdom of Old Castile, in Spain, and was brought up in the fear of God. When she was still...

Trinity XX



The Collect.

O ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, of thy bountiful goodness keep us, we beseech thee, from all things that may hurt us; that we, being ready both in body and soul, may cheerfully accomplish those things which thou commandest; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saint Callistus



Pope and Martyr

Callistus, the first Pope to bear that name, was in youth a slave. His master was a Christian of the imperial household, and gave into his charge the funds which he had received on behalf of certain Christians and their widows....

Saint Edward the Confessor



King, Confessor, and Patron of England

Edward, surnamed the Confessor, was the nephew of Saint King Edward the Martyr, and himself the last Anglo-Saxon King. When he was ten years old the Danes, who were ravaging England, sought him, to put him to ...