Saint Agnes



Virgin and Martyr.

This is a virgin's birthday. Let us therefore resolve to follow the example of her chastity. It is a martyr's birthday. Let us therefore resolve to offer sacrifice. It is the feast of holy Agnes. Let men therefore be filled with wonder,...

Saints Fabian and Sebastian




Fabian was a Roman, and sat as Pope from the year 236, in the reign of the Emperor Maximin, till 250, in that of Decius. He is said to have appointed a deacon to each of the seven districts of Rome to look after the poor, and the same number...

Saint Canute



King and Martyr. 

Canute (the fourth of that name to be King of Denmark) ascended his earthly throne at the death of his half-brother, King Harold the Slothful, when the times were unsettled, and the light of faith was growing dim in a land which had...