East Africa

Bishop Ndegwa Bishop John Ndegwa was enthroned by Archbishop Mark Haverland in October 2019.


It was not until 2008 that the ACC established a presence in Kenya, but since that time, the Church has grown considerably.  The main area of concentration is in the nation's capital, Nairobi, but missions have been established in places such as Kirinyaga and Lodwar. 

Bishop John Ndegwa has plans for the establishment of an urban poultry project to help feed the hungry in Nairobi, and the initiation of a program to teach the skill of sewing to the poor.  St. Anectus's school in Nairobi offers courses and uniforms to children who could not otherwise afford education

New churches have been planted and ACC missions have attracted a great deal of interest, but much needs to be done in the way of fundraising to see the building projects get off the ground. 

Money is also needed to provide seminarians and newly ordained clergy with the necessary books and church supplies to engage in studies and carry out their pastoral mission.  However, with continued support from the MSSP, the Church in Kenya is positioned to thrive.

Father Munezero in Rwanda Father Munezero continues to minister
to the needs of his flock in Rwanda.


Since the 1994 civil war that tore the Rwanda apart, peace has come to the area, if not prosperity.  Still in this young and densely populated country, there is a great deal of hope particularly through the work of the church.

The ACC mission in Rwanda began in January 2009 when Father Phanuel (Samuel) Munezero, a survivor of the genocide, returned from his theological studies in Kenya.  Beginning in the Gisenyi area he planted two parishes: St. Francis in Mubuga and St. Emmanuel in Mukungwa.  The two church buildings were constructed out of the $10,450 received in the form of donations to the Missionary Society of St. Paul.  

Though these structures are roughed in, they still require windows, pews, cement on the floors, stucco on the walls. These are, however, the first ACC facilities in Rwanda and are a remarkable testament to the prayers and commitment of a group of people who love God.  Additional land has been purchased in Busumbu, and in addition to finishing the structures mentioned above, Father Munezero hopes to construct two new parish buildings in 2012.

In terms of providing for the physical needs of the people, the MSSP continues to finance food distribution and other humanitarian work.  Clergy training and secondary education for children are priorities as well.  

Father Munezero and his parishes were visited by Bishop Garang of Sudan in 2011 for confirmations and ordinations, and again by Archbishop Haverland in 2012.  With a solid base of churchmen in the parishes, energetic leadership, and continued support from the MSSP, prospects for the Rwandan mission remain strong.  

South Sudan

South Sudan achieved its independance in January of 2011, and though most of the fighting that has plagued the country has died out, danger still remains.  Disease and famine claim the lives of many Sudanese as the government struggles to meet basic needs.

South Sudan Bishop Garang inspects the progress on
the MSSP's well drilling project in Aweil.

The ACC Mission in Sudan, which began in 2009, has flourished under the direction of Bishop Wilson Garang.  In addition to spreading the Gospel, Bishop Garang has been intently focused on humanitarian needs.  Funding from the Mission Society recently paid for a number of wells to be drilled, which not only provide water for drinking and bathing, but also irrigation for crops in this sun parched land.   Funds were also allocated for food and medicine.

Now that the people have water for themselves and their crops, and some of their basic needs have been met, Bishop Garang is hoping to secure some form of transportation.  To cover the vast and rugged country in which he often travels, a four-wheel drive jeep or truck is necessary.  Yet despite the hardships that he faces, Bishop Garang's ministry continues flourish, and the Diocese of Aweil is positioned for future growth.  

To find out more about the MSSP and its mission, contact its director, The Reverend Stephen Scarlett

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